Transport update. 

At HTS, we are working very hard to adhere to the Government guidelines regarding Covid-19.

We will be operating an Emergency Service for horse transport, whereby every horse will be supplied with a Defra Animal Transport Certificate completed by us, stating the purpose of travel, place of collection and delivery address as proof of emergency.

We will be using disposable gloves, hand sanitiser, and disinfected headcollars and ropes. The lorry is throughly pressure washed inside after every journey with AGMA, a Defra approved disinfectant. 

Social distancing will be firmly respected for any staff at the yard and then in turn for ourselves.

We hope all our customers manage to keep safe, healthy and we will work together, to keep only essential journeys as safe as we possibly can. If we stick to Government guidelines all transport will be able to resume normal service  as soon as possible.

Stay safe,